Bow :

Material: carbon

Weight: 260 g

Color: Matte black, soft touch.

Power: 45 lbs to 28 "

Length: from 27 '' to 29 ''

String: Fast flight 16

Handle: Polycarbonate, right and left handed.

Quick assembly.

Walking Stick:

Material: Carbon tube, ultra resistant to shocks and bending.

Weight: 190 g

Color: Matte black, with carbon frame.

Info: Metal tip to screw at the end. Standard arrowhead.

Handle: Foam

The bow and the arrows are stored inside the stick.

2 arrows inside the walking stick:

Material: Carbon Ø7.4mm 400 sp

Length 79cm (31 '')

Natural feathers

Screwed metal tip

Color: Camouflage

Pygmy Bow