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A maximum fire reserve, a minimum space requirement.

Survival combustible gel. Ideal for survival situations.


Often time is precious, and it is better to spend energy on eating rather than cutting and lighting wet wood.

This capsule is used directly as a stove, a fire lighter ...


- Use for food stove. Odorless and non-toxic

- Lighting and extinguishing at any time.

- Put back immediately after extinguishing.
Do not burn.

- High energy power

- No need of any material, gas, stove,

- Non toxic to the touch

- Useful in difficult conditions

- More than 3 years preservation

- Indispensable in Survival Kit, Bushcraft, or EDC kit


The survival gel is very safe. Do not leak.

Heats up quickly.

Very light and small so as not to encumber the backpack.


Duration of the flame 20 min minimum.

Heats the water in less than 5 minutes.

Watch full video:


Ideal format for individual portions.

Size: 6 cm x 2 cm - 45 grams


Fire stock 20

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