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The Fury pack is ideal for those who want to start shooting with the Fury.

The Fury is small and quickly precise for those who know how to handle it.

The Fury got the advantage of being able to shoot darts and arrows with additional accessories, so it is a very progressive slingshot, like the Spinny.

The Fury Balls pack is sold with 2 complete assemblies: an 1836 fine pouch for target shooting and an 1842 hunting pouch for more powerful shots.

The assemblies are prepared and can be assembled without any difficulty in less than 10 seconds !!

The forks of the Fury in this pack are equipped with a phosphorescent sight mark for night shots or in half-light.

A bag of 100 stainless steel diam 8mm balls is added to the Pack.


All transported in a fine TEAM YSHOOT FRANCE bag from the French slingshot shooting team.

Fury balls pack


The Fury Ball kit includes:

- a Fury handle with nocturnal sight

- an elastic assemblage tube 1836 with fine competition pouch

- an elastic assemblage tube 1842 with 8mm hunting pouch

- 100 8mm stainless steel balls

- a TEAM YSHOOT FRANCE carrying case

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