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The Spinny handle is a top-line handle made of polycarbonate for shooters who want to improve their precision immediately.

It is a rotating handle that corrects grip angle mistakes: the fork naturally balances according to the balanced tensions of the tubes.
The rotation is carried out thanks to 2 built-in ball bearings, precise and durable.

It is equipped with an ergonomic handle made of thick foam, which allows a firm and repeated tightening. This handle is therefore well suited to powerful shots.
Adapted of course for right-handed and left-handed, it uses the new patented extremities to adapt all types of elastics tubes but also bands.
The handle is held horizontally like a motorcycle handle and the aiming line is easily found after anchoring the hand or the wrist release.

This handle is also particularly suitable for shooting darts safely.

The Spinny is equipped with a nocturnal sight for night shooting, very effective for day shooting too.

Spinny Handle

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