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Category D weapon. Sale prohibited to those under 18 years old. Up to 15 joules.


This ball lance is specially developed for precision shooting in target or hunting mode.

Its ergonomic PURE810 polycarbonate handle is designed as a bow handle which allows comfortable, stable and balanced support.

The precision kits for 8mm balls and the precision kits for 10mm balls can be mounted on the PURE 810 handle.

The elastic kits can be assembled and disassembled in 3 seconds.


The marks at the ends of the fork allow, for right-handers as well as for left-handers, the accuracy of the shot.

Pure 8


This product includes:

- Handle PURE 810

- Precision 8mm kit: double tubes 18/42 + 8
mm leather pouch

- 100 balls 8 mm

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