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ça y est ça accélère un peu ... Yshoot fournisseur officiel des champions !! ;-) et revendeur exclusif des élastiques PRECISE.

Les nouveaux produits sont là !! Un petit Ebsone ?

un petit Redeye ?

(Je sais c'est pénible de devoir choisir :-) )


Yshoot customers must be able to accurately fire balls, darts, arrows, spears and any other short or long range ballistic elements to hit the target they have considered.

French manufacture of slingshot

We became a French leader in the manufacture of slingshots.
But not only that: we are French designers and manufacturers of sports and survival equipment that has become a leader in the sale of slingshots.

Slingshot,bow, crossbow and other machines ...

​Yshoot is the brand of a Charente-Maritime company, Relying on a motivated and efficient team, this company is a designer of high-performance shooting equipment: the slingshot of course, in all its forms but also the carbon arc , crossbow, bullet stick etc.


​Every year, we release at least one new product, designed and manufactured in France! The first Yshoot product was the first version of the Yshoot Pocket 5 years ago. Our goal is to provide slingshots and support beginners and pros alike.